Churches and monuments of Cagliari

City rich in history

Cagliari, the theater of numerous vicissitudes, the gateway to Sardinia and inhabited by Phoenicians, Punicis, Romans, Byzantines, Pisans, Aragonese, Spagnoli and finally Piemontesi, jealously preserves and cherishes in its streets countless traces of its past. A heritage that offers numerous testimonies of considerable artistic, cultural and historical value. Passing through one of the seven access doors to the Castle, the stronghold of the city, you enter the National Archaeological Museum, keeper of unique artifacts in the world, testimony of the various cultures that have inhabited the island from the pre-Nuraghic age up to the early Middle Ages . Sites such as the Roman Amphitheater, from the 2nd century, the Basilica of San Saturnino, evidence of the Byzantine presence, the Cathedral and the Basilica of N.S. di Bonaria, the fortified district of Castello, the ancient residence of the nobles and the military, ecclesiastical and royal headquarters, the Stampace craftsman district, the harbour of Marina, and the rural one of Villanova, are just some of the places visited during the whole year.