The city

A golden city inside blue of sky and sea

Founded on seven hills as the city of Rome, Cagliari, with its historic neighborhoods, tells the ancient history of a city that was and is still the centre of administrative, economic and ecclesiastical power of Sardinia and still today its vicissitudes remain imprinted on Walls of ramparts, churches and palaces.
A vibrant city, elegant, sunny, and always cozy at any time of the year. Starting from the picturesque Villanova, you can climb to the austere Castello or go down into the streets of the Marina, which from the past inherits its vital and exuberant role of every port quarter. And still climb to the ramparts that dominate the city from the district of Stampace, which preserves the oldest soul. City rich in flavor Cagliari, allows you to sit in one of the many restaurants and enjoy the excellent food whose scent is interwoven with that of the sea. And the sea is always back, in the glimpses between the buildings and in the markets where the most sincere and authentic nature of the city lives.