Best Price Guarantee

Direct Booking

Booking directly from the website, or by contacting the hotel staff, you will be charged the best available rate on the web for the Hotel Panorama.

Booking is easy, just click on the “BOOK” button on this site and fill in all the required fields, or call the hotel on 070307691 or send an email to

Don’t waste time searching on other sites, we always guarantee you the best rate!

Furthermore, by booking from our website you will have a wide choice of additional services such as daily excursions, beach service or a bottle of good local wine directly in your room upon your arrival. You will be able to organize your trip in Cagliari in the best way to live an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for … start organizing your stay right away!

Hotel Panorama, in compliance with valid guidelines and specific operational guidelines, dictated by the document drawn up by the CONFERENCE OF THE REGIONS AND AUTONOMOUS PROVINCES 20/81 / CR01 / COV19, is taking measures to protect the health of guests and staff. Therefore, some services may be reduced or unavailable, as well as equipment, with the aim of preventing cases of positivity to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).