Mont’e Prama Giants

Still throughout the month of November and December, the statues of Mont’e Prama, referable to the Nuraghic period (900-700 BC), the only examples found so far in Sardinia, are visible at the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.

The 38 anthropomorphic statues, all male, depict shield armed warriors, bows and armed gloves. Inappropriately called “Giants” because of their height (up to 2 meters), the statues come from the archaeological area of ​​Mont’e Prama located in the municipal territory of Cabras, in the Sinis peninsula. The more than 5000 fragments, after a long and painstaking restoration work, have been recomposed, giving shape to the current statues that today can be admired in the rooms deidcated to them.


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